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Introducing custom glass equipment made with efficiency and affordability, as well as ease of repair and mobility in mind designed and constructed by Daniel Joseph Miller. Based on over a decade of experience with mobile equipment, my designs have run at Ohio City Glass since I first opened in Ohio City in 2013, and before that in Columbus, Ohio since 2010 where I eventually had my first gallery/studio location. The culmination of years of real life product testing and torture has resulted in not only a highly efficient and quiet design but also coming at a fraction of the price of other market options, yet still delivering a product that will provide workability, longevity as well as high temperatures and economical fuel use. Capable of reaching temps beyond 2750 and built with materials rated to 3200, these units are capable of melting batch but are more commonly used with cullet of any type. I’ve melted practically everything commonly out there even bottle glass.

Powered by a proprietary designed burner system that not only delivers even and large amounts of heat but also at an exceptionally laminar flow, reducing turbulence and noise.

The design boasts a full blast sound level between 60-70db, often measured lower just being conservative. Read the testimonial below written by High Gravity Glassworks owner Michelle Pennington after 30 days with her new Demon from North Coast Hot Glass, posted in the group “Glassies” on Facebook:

” Hey everyone! I just wanted to take the time to write a review for my new furnace called “Demon” made by North Coast Glass. I have owned it for just over a month, and I love it! Its easy to use, it’s extremely efficient and has cut my gas bill down by 1/3 if I’m using it as a gloryhole too, and by 1/2 if I’m just using it as a furnace. Its the quietest furnace that I’ve ever used which is great because my voice does not carry well and I teach and do many create your own workshops. It is also so well insulated that it stays so hot while not biting my arm, I haven’t had much or any heat rash from it at all. I purchased the recuperating system and its recycling around 400 – 450 degree air back into the furnace. My students find it easier to use as well because the sill is lower and makes it great to gather out of. I most definitely recommend this furnace. Dan has been exceptional at providing great customer service by delivering it and setting it up for me so that he could teach me exactly how it works. Plus, he helped me build a pipe warmer while he was visiting and it works great too. He’s also just a phone call away if I have any questions. I’ve done demonstrations, create your owns, commissions, and classes out of this furnace and have recently added a glory hole to my layout making this setup the most efficient I’ve ever had. Would be a great furnace for home use, or for a small business. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions if you’re interested in purchasing one from him as well. “

As shown, “Demon” 80lb invested crucible furnace equipped with proprietary “Demon-Core” quartz lined recuperator, unit starts at $9500, $8000 w/o.

I do offer delivery and installation services, I prefer to help set up so I can sleep better knowing you are going to have trouble free days of glass joy and making money. Does pair well with a small glory hole and pipe warmer.

We can also build those as well as annealers, benches, pipe coolers, yokes, and other hot shop equipment.

Check out the demo below showing her new studio featuring the Demon 80lb unit as an all-in-one.

To order please message us on facebook @Northcoastglass

50% Deposit to begin construction we accept payment via Facebook Pay, Square, Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo and cash of course!

or text me at 2164132270.