Heat Wave closing

We are closed for all purposes through this the weekend of 8/28 because of the high temperature and humidity combining with the heat from our equipment, causing temps in the studio to top 100 degrees before 10am. We will return to normal hours when temps drop back in to the 70s later this week.

We will be sending out codes in a few days to allow those affected to reschedule at no cost.

Emergency Closings and Cancellations now can be found here

We can now quickly alert everyone with internet access to disruptions in our day to day operations due to illness, equipment or utility failure, weather, heat, and for any other number of reasons that can cause disruption in any glass studio.

We hope these changes will greatly enhance the experience for all involved.

NEW features and policies including simplified rescheduling, live bulletin board (this is it!) and updated policies

please review the information contained in the links to rescheduling information and policies and FAQs.

We hope these changes will greatly enhance the experience for our customers.

Additional features such as live chat and our own online store independent of etsy are in the works as well as the return to traveling glassblowing events, sales and festivals.