NEW policies and FAQ

Here are some FAQs and Answers:

Q: My groupon is expiring, will you still honor it?


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Currently our hours are changing, refer to schedule of workshops.
Depending on instructor availability, private lessons may be scheduled outside of these times.

Q: What days do you do hold workshops?

A: Please consult the online schedule

Q: Can children participate in the workshops?

A: Yes. We have all ages participating under safe moderation.

Q: Can I bring someone along to watch?

A: NO UNPAID SPECTATORS ARE PERMITTED except in the one case of a minor needing an adult to accompany them for liability reasons. Do NOT bring extra persons with you that do not have a reservation at that time.

Q: What can I make during my private glass blowing class?

A: Usually one piece per person, and they are normally a large paper weight, ornament, flower or something similar.
If you have something in mind, feel free to talk to your teacher about what you want to make. If you are doing private rental or instruction time (NOT Groupon or first experience workshops), then you can work with our staff to make whatever is on your agenda.

Q: Should I bring anything to my class?

A: We suggest bringing a pair of lightly shaded sunglasses and water/something to drink.

Q: When can I pick up my piece?

A: Pieces are available the following weekend after your workshop, Saturdays and sundays are the best days to come, we are open 10am-6pm those days.

Q: What happens if my piece breaks during the cooling process?

A: Option 1:We will remake your piece. We will make it the exact same style and colors that you did.
Option 2: Schedule a time to remake your own piece
Option 3: Pick something from inventory of equal value

Sometimes pieces break during the cooling process or when we are cold working them, (smoothing the rough edges.)

Q: Do you do custom pieces?

A: Yes! Send us an email at with the colors and dimensions you want. We offer memorial glass (incorporated cremains into the glass) as well as coupling ceremony glass (for marriages, engagements, etc), lighting, chandeliers, sculpture, functional wares and decorative glass, as well as welding and some glass repair services.
We will get back to you with a quote from the artist who best fits your needs.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Please wear closed-toed shoes and a light, cotton shirt to the studio. If you have long hair, be sure it is tied back.

Q: Do the glass artists accept tips?

A: Tipping is expected.  We literally put our blood and sweat and skin on the line for you and our assistance is crucial to the success of the piece. Working with beginners is especially challenging as we are trying to prevent you from hurting yourself and others while still making a thing that looks nice and having fun at the same time.  Generally a $10 tip per person in the group is the customary and expected amount.

Q: Can I take pictures or video while I am at Ohio City Glass?

A: Of course you can!
We encourage you to take pictures and video and always appreciate when we are tagged in your photos on Facebook and Instagram.

To reschedule a missed or cancelled workshop use the code sent to you in the cancellation email as a promo code to rebook.

Full refunds require review and are not guaranteed in every circumstance as we are an experience based business.